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What clients say

As someone with a servant's heart, it's rewarding for me to know that coaching has made a difference in the lives of my clients. 

When describing their experience, my clients use words such as illuminating, meaningful, and positive. And when they describe what they take away from our conversations, they say such things as clarity, understanding, and insights.


Here's what my clients say in their own words.

"I was reluctant to work with a coach primarily because I felt stuck. What I didn’t realize, until I started working with Donna, is that her coaching was exactly what I needed to give me the clarity, vision, and enthusiasm to move me forward again. Donna listened attentively and skillfully kept me focused. I remember my delight when I was able to articulate my goals—it was a huge breakthrough. Thanks to Donna’s intuition, wisdom, and support, I am unstuck and excited about the future."

AUDREY PLE, Marketing Consultant

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