If you're looking to boost your influence, enhance your effectiveness, or overcome challenges, I will help you get the results you need. Coaching is an investment in yourself. It is a unique opportunity to be seen, heard and understood.

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What Coaching Looks Like

Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach, where thought-provoking and creative processes inspire you to maximize personal and professional potential.

  • Confidential – As an accredited coach and member, I am bound by the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation. Every conversation you and I have is completely confidential.

  • One-on-one – Coaching conversations take place one-on-one. Just you and me. If your experience is anything like that of other leaders, you know it is rare to be able to think out loud with one person and feel seen, heard and understood.

  • Non-directive – I take a non-directive approach when coaching clients—I see you as 100% capable. This means you set the agenda, while I walk alongside you as your thought partner, and support you to gain clarity, explore options, discover solutions and propel yourself forward.

  • Judgment-free – I will be your coach, but I will also be your champion. With your permission, I will challenge and support you to unearth answers through a discovery process.​

Interview with Noomii

Here's a short interview I did with Noomii, the professional coach directory, where I was asked about how and why I coach.




We consciously and continuously choose the person we wish to be....We then align all we do, say and believe with that choice.

Amy Ruppert