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What steps are you willing to take to lead with purpose and have an enduring impact?

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Are you a mid- or late-career leader who:

  • is purpose-driven? 

  • wants to have an enduring impact?

  • appreciates the value of personal development?


In spite of your desire to create positive change in our world, do you:

  • feel a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction, even though you are successful?

  • think about or going through a transition—job or career change, change in leadership, retirement, and so on—but you’re feeling uncertain about what your next move should be?

  • want to show up authentically but sometimes feel a tension between who you are and how you need to be at work?

  • struggle with how best to present yourself as a strong leader—in person and online?


Ready to move from success to significance?

What would it mean for you if you could:

  • experience the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with doing meaningful work?

  • feel confident in making a change knowing that your next move is the right move for you?

  • have increased clarity about how to live and work in alignment with your values?

  • have a strong and effective leadership presence and personal brand?

​A 45-minute discovery call is a good way for us to get acquainted and for you to see if we’re a good fit. We'll chat about what coaching sessions look like and explore your goals through this sample coaching session.

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I help leaders have an enduring impact by confidently living purpose-filled, successful and significant lives.


I view you as 100% capable—you are the expert on yourself and have the answers within. By asking powerful questions that enable growth, I can support you in setting goals, creating outcomes and achieving personal change that is long-lasting and sustainable.


If you have a desire to learn, grow and enhance your leadership impact, I will help you get the results you need. Coaching is an investment in yourself. It is a unique opportunity to be seen, heard and understood.

Are you ready to make a change and become a more confident, authentic leader with impact? One who is living and working with intention and purpose?


Then I’m ready to partner with you and help you move from success to significance.

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Marketing Consultant and Coach

Magenta Marketing

I was reluctant to work with a coach primarily because I felt stuck. What I didn’t realize, until I started working with Donna, is that her coaching was exactly what I needed to give me the clarity, vision, and enthusiasm to move me forward again. Donna listened attentively and skillfully kept me focused. I remember my delight when I was able to articulate my goals—it was a huge breakthrough. Thanks to Donna’s intuition, wisdom, and support, I am unstuck and excited about the future.

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