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Embrace your second half

Find clarity.

Liberate yourself. 

Thrive abundantly.

What's your story?

You’re in your second half and somehow things seem unsettling. You find yourself feeling something is off, leaving you discontented or discouraged, but you’re unsure how to move forward.


Transitions, like a new job or change in leadership, a layoff, or a milestone birthday, can bring a sense of confusion about our identity. The loss of a job you loved or a relationship you valued can leave you questioning your purpose and relevance. It’s in these periods of turmoil that we yearn for clarity. 


The truth is that, when we're in our second half, our sense of mortality and the winds of change can sometimes leave us feeling unseen or irrelevant.


At this pivotal point in your journey, you’re motivated to become unstuck and you’re ready to invest in yourself.


You're ready to clarify, liberate, and thrive.

It’s time to fill that hole, rediscover your identity, and make your life’s work matter. Together, we will navigate the uncharted territory of this new stage you find yourself in. We will ask life’s biggest questions, (re)discover your purpose, and determine how and where you will fulfill it. Let’s embark on a journey that will bring clarity, meaning, and fulfillment to your second half.

Step out in courage.

You have so much to offer, and your unique gifts and experience are relevant and valuable.

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Working Together

Your second half is underway and the rest of your story is yet to be written.

I am your second-half coach.


My tailored-for-you coaching sessions are designed to help you gain clarity, find direction, and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I will guide you through transitions, help you overcome your doubts, and empower you to become unstuck.


I can help you continue writing your story.


Join me on a transformative journey where you will (re)discover your purpose, free yourself from self-imposed limitations, and thrive abundantly.

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What Clients Say

When describing their experience, my clients use words such as illuminating, meaningful, and positive. And when they describe what they take away from our conversations, they say such things as clarity, understanding, and insights. Read on to see what they say in their own words.

The bottom line.

When you come to me, you'll bring that thing that has you stuck or that is getting in the way. Through coaching, you will develop improved self-awareness and confidence, and you will leave with fresh perspectives, resources, and strategies for success.

"I was reluctant to work with a coach primarily because I felt stuck. What I didn’t realize, until I started working with Donna, is that her coaching was exactly what I needed to give me the clarity, vision, and enthusiasm to move me forward again. Donna listened attentively and skillfully kept me focused. I remember my delight when I was able to articulate my goals—it was a huge breakthrough. Thanks to Donna’s intuition, wisdom, and support, I am unstuck and excited about the future."

AUDREY PLE, Marketing Consultant

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